Hygiene functions




Mist of water sprayed onto the surface of the toilet bowl before use, makes it difficult for dirt to stick


The self-cleaning toilet bowl uses a photocatalytic process, which requires two components – UV light and the special zirconium coating with titanium dioxide. This is why the NEOREST AC features a UV light integrated into the lid of the toilet bowl. This automatically switches on once the sensor-activated lid is closed. The combination of UV light and zirconium coating breaks down all organic substances in the toilet bowl, keeping the toilet bowl cleaner for a much longer period of time.


EWATER+ is electrolysed water, which has antibacterial properties. It is absolutely safe for the environment and can be returned to the water cycle without worry. TOTO uses EWATER+ to spray the toilet bowl with antibacterial water following the flush, and also to clean the wand jet after use.

Self-cleaning wand jet

The WASHLET™ automatically cleans the wand jet before and after each use. The wand jets are coated with a special silicone alloy, which makes them both antibacterial and extremely resistant to dirt. It is extremely difficult for anything to stick to the wand jet when wet, making it impossible for waste to accumulate. Thanks to this feature, TOTO is able to clean its wand jet system using only water – without any chemical additives. This also makes the system maintenance-free as the WASHLET™ does not need to be filled with substances to clean the jet.

The models featuring the EWATER+ function use both regular water and the antibacterial EWATER+ to clean their wand jets.

Wand jet positioning and hidden jet

The wand jet stays hygienic and clean because it is positioned out of the way, namely above the ceramic toilet bowl. As a result, the jet does not come into contact with urine, faeces and dirty flushed water. This also protects the wand jet and technical elements in the event of any clogs that would cause water to rise in the toilet bowl.

The wand jet also disappears behind a hygienic cover flap before and after each use. This cover flap keeps the wand jet from coming into contact with urine, faeces and dirty flushed water. In the end, the wand jet is as clean after every use as if brand new.

Wand jet position

The jet extends at an angle, which keeps it from getting dirty. The soiled water falls from the wand jet at a precise angle, keeping any of it from hitting the jet.

Cleaner toilet seat and hygienic wand jet material

The top and bottom of the toilet seat is coated with a dirt-resistant silicone alloy – for easier cleaning that lasts longer.

The wand jet is also made of silicone-based material, making it difficult for any waste or dirt to accumulate.