• Environmentally friendly
    • Cleans the air
    • Self-cleaning characteristics
    • Antibacterial



HYDROTECT technology is a unique self-cleaning protective coating for building materials such as ceramic tiles. When used on outdoor surfaces and exposed to ultraviolet light, either from the sun or an artificial source, HYDROTECT’s active surface generates a reaction that cleans the material surface by decomposing organic and by oxidizing NOx (nitric dioxide) into less harmful substance. This process means that HYDROTECT, in effect, purifies the surrounding air and self-cleans.

Read the test results on Hydrotect's air- and self-cleaning properties when used in outdoor applications.

It can also be used for indoor surfaces. HYDROTECT-coated materials in a public urinal, for example, reduce the spread of bacteria and eliminate the bad odours generated by bacterial activity. By reducing bacteria and bad odours, HYDROTECT exemplifies TOTO’s use of technology to create hygienic bathrooms that exist in harmony with people and the environment.


Hydrotect: Self-cleaning



Surfaces protected by HYDROTECT are hydrophilic, which means that a film of water forms on them when  it rains, removing any dirt and grime that has collected.


Hydrotect: Antibacterial


HYDROTECT has an antibacterial feature when used indoors. Bacteria are eliminated when they come into contact with the tiles.


Notice to Persons in the United States of America:
Hydrotect is not registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and is not lawfully sold, distributed, or used for any antibacterial or other pesticidal purpose in the United States of America.

Hydrotect: Cleans the air

 Air Cleaning


When exposed to sunlight, the material reacts in such a way that activated oxygen forms on the surface. When the pollutants come into contact with the activated oxigen at the surface, they are changed into harmless materials.


What is Hydrotect


A HYDROTECT coated house (150m²) purifies the same amount of air as a forest area the size of 4 tennis courts.
It decomposes the same amount of NOx produced by 12 cars driving 30km a day.