incl. remote control



incl. remote control

Product Code: TCF796CG

Size (WxDxH in mm): 386 x 579 x 146

Material: Urea resin

Colour: White

Required Accessory:

  • Connecting set for WASHLET™ with hidden connections: RX, SX, GL 2.0, EK 2.0; if using Geberit Duofix frame (SP10695UN)
  • and WC SP, wall-hung only for WASHLET™ SX (CW522EY)


WASHLET™ SX has the same features as WASHLET™ RX; the two models only differ in terms of their design. The angular version is also equipped with all of TOTO’s well-known hygiene and comfort functionalities.

The SX model also offers the adjustable warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodorizer and PreMist function. PreMist automatically sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water prior to use, making it difficult for waste to be left behind after flushing.


  • Warm water nozzle
    An individually adjustable wand system with self-cleaning function
  • Heated seat
    Individually adjustable temperature
  • Deodoriser
    Filter system to absorb odours
  • PreMist
    Mist of water sprayed onto the ceramic before the toilet is used. Makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulat.