Control unit, cold water

4 l/min

Control unit, cold water


Control unit, cold water
4 l/min

Product Code: DLE124DHE4

Size (WxDxH in mm): 117 x 105 x 178

Colour: White

Can be combined:

  • Upgrade set for control unit (DLE424SMAE)


Self Power incorporates two technologies for public facilities. They work together to ensure optimum power- and water-saving performance.

The following autofaucets are available:

TENA40AWV105: 4 l/min

DLE110ANE4: 4l/min

DLE110A2NE4: 4l/min

DLE105ANE4: 4 l/min


  • SelfPower
    Sensor-activated faucet generates its own electricity