incl. remote control



incl. remote control

Product Code: TCF996WG#NW1 , TCF996WGE#NW1 , TCF996WSW#NW1 CW996P#NW1

Size (WxDxH in mm): 423 x 675 x 119

Colour: White

Can be combined:

  • NEOREST push plate (E00003)
  • and NEOREST WC AC, wall-hung (CW996P#NW1)
  • and Motor unit for automatic flushing (E00004)

Required Accessory:

  • NEOREST push plate (E00003)
  • and NEOREST WC AC, wall-hung (CW996P#NW1)
  • and Motor unit for automatic flushing (E00004)


The WASHLET in the NEOREST collection is the first WASHLET that cleans itself completely. It actively fights bacteria, waste and limescale while keeping these from accumulating. The NEOREST WASHLET is available in two versions – the NEOREST AC (ACTILIGHT) and NEOREST EW (EWATER+). Both self-cleaning WASHLETs have the same look and actively attack bacteria and waste.

The NEOREST EW WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water. This antibacterial water prevents waste from accumulating. The NEOREST AC WASHLET features a toilet bowl coated with a special zirconium coating. The hydrophilic properties of this coating ensure that waste and bacteria are effectively eliminated. The UV light integrated in the lid combines with the zirconium coating to trigger a decomposition process, making a toilet brush unnecessary. The toilet cleans itself and stays clean and hygienic.

The NEOREST WASHLETs also have a number of other convenient features, such as a sensor-based lid that opens and closes automatically, heated seat, a deodoriser to absorb unpleasant odours, and a dryer that can be activated as desired.

A remote control makes all of this technology easy and convenient to use.


  • Warm water nozzle
    An individually adjustable wand system with self-cleaning function
  • Heated seat
    Individually adjustable temperature
  • Deodoriser
    Filter system to absorb odours
  • Dryer
    Warm jet of air
  • ewater+
    Electrolysed antibacterial water that breaks down waste
  • Actilight
    Zirconium coating combined with UV light for an antibacterial effect that breaks down waste
  • Auto functions
    Technologies activated by human movement
  • PreMist
    Mist of water sprayed onto the ceramic before the toilet is used. Makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulat.