projection 145 mm



projection 145 mm

Product Code: TLP01701G

Size (WxDxH in mm): 58 x 190 x 236

Material: Brass

Colour: Chrome

Required Accessory:

  • Control unit, thermostatic mixer (TLP01702E)


The sensor-based automatic system means that users no longer need to touch the faucets of TOTO in order to use them. This keeps public washrooms in particular more hygienic and minimizes the risk of transmitting bacteria.

Our automatic faucets feature an almost invisible sensor in the spout. This allows it to register every hand-movement precisely, while being protected from vandalism.


  • Auto functions
    Technologies activated by human movement
  • SMA
    Maintains a constant water temperature despite fluctuating water supply temperatures and pressure levels.
  • Water-saving
    Technologies that save water
  • SelfPower
    Sensor-activated faucet generates its own electricity
  • Soft Flow