New bidets from TOTO

The new bidets from TOTO are the ideal complement to TOTO toilets and a perfect addition to bathrooms of all styles.

The new wall-hung RP bidet (RP toilet to the left) complements the TOTO toilet, bringing more freshness and comfort to the bathroom.

A variety of designs: TOTO also offers bidets with an angular shape – depending on what better matches the interior. The photo shows the wall-hung SP bidet, which matches the SP toilet.

A consistent duo: The new SP bidet and matching SP toilet.

The TOTO bidet also looks good on its own. Shown here is the compact wall-hung RP bidet.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality ceramics, faucets and accessories for the bathroom, TOTO has the perfect product for every taste – now including new bidets to complement the TOTO collection of toilets.


Whether round or angular, all TOTO bidets have an exclusive and elegant, yet minimalist design reminiscent of the toilets. Two new models provide even more unique design possibilities for the bath.


The new bidets also feature the CeFiONtect glaze developed by TOTO. This highly durable and hygienic glaze provides long-lasting shine and an especially smooth surface which practically prevents waste from sticking.


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