TOTO wins iF Design Award 2019

WASHLET™ RX receives the international iF Design Award

TOTO WASHLET™ RX was recognised with the iF Design Award 2019 for its outstanding balance of design and function. The accolade also highlighted high the user-friendliness, special TOTO hygiene technologies and water-saving features of this model.


WASHLET™ RX and its compatible RP toilet was awarded the iF Design Award 2019 in March. The iF Design Award is considered a seal of quality for extraordinary design and outstanding work world-wide. The award takes innovation, craftsmanship, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability into account in its evaluation, as well as the product’s position on the market.


TOTO WASHLET™ RX: elegant design, highest standards of hygiene
TOTO remained true to its product philosophy in the development of its elegant new WASHLET™ RX: As always, hygiene was the first priority. WASHLET™ RX is installed on a compatible toilet (RP toilet), where it blends effortlessly to appear as if it were a single unit. This model also houses the wand jet – and all technical elements – in the lid, above the ceramic bowl. Keeping the wand jet above the ceramic bowl protects it from waste and dirt. A protective flap also keeps it clean. This separation between WASHLET™ and the toilet bowl guarantees the greatest possible hygiene.


The new RP toilet is also a pioneer when it comes to hygiene because of its rimless bowl and extremely smooth, durable CeFiONtect glaze, which is standard in TOTO toilets. This protects the ceramic surface, making it easier to clean and leaving a lasting shine. The elegant RP toilet is also equipped with the effective Tornado Flush. Jets propel the water into the toilet bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool that thoroughly cleans the entire inside of the bowl.


International design awards for TOTO
While these new innovations focus on constant improvements in hygiene technology, TOTO continues to impress with its timelessly elegant design – as shown by the many design awards the company has received over the past several years.


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