Striking design, proven comfort

The new TOTO WASHLET SX meets the highest standards with its proven comfort technologies. This streamlined, pronounced design is the latest addition to the selection of WASHLET models.

WASHLET™ with control panel on the wall

The streamlined, pronounced design of the new WASHLET SX is the latest addition to TOTO’s selection of shower toilets.

WASHLET™ with control on the wall

The ceramic bowl and WASHLET blend into a harmonious unit on the SX as well.

Wall-mounted WASHLET™ in a white atmosphere

The SX also incorporates the effective TOTO comfort technologies – ranging from the cleansing feature to the individually adjustable water pressure and wand jet position.

WASHLET™ with control on the wall

The ceramic and WASHLET also form a harmonious unit in the RX model.

TOTO is introducing its new WASHLET SX in autumn 2018. The provider of high-quality sanitary equipment is expanding its range of WASHLET models with this striking new shower toilet.


WASHLET SX stands out with its angular, streamlined design. The ceramic bowl and WASHLET on the SX also pair harmoniously, forming one cohesive unit. Like all TOTO WASHLETs, the SX model features all proven comfort technologies.


Superior comfort thanks to proven technologies

The remote control activates the rear warm water cleansing, including the ability to adjust the water pressure to be especially gentle. Cleansing functions range from oscillating and massage cleansing to precise adjustments in water pressure and wand jet position. It’s possible to save personal settings for the wand jet position, water pressure and temperature for up to two people. These sophisticated TOTO technologies provide especially outstanding comfort. The wand jet is positioned above the ceramic bowl on all TOTO WASHLET models as a standard feature. A cover flap prevents the jet from coming into contact with waste and flush water..TOTO is the only manufacturer to offer an entire WASHLET product line equipped with this hygiene feature.


Excellent price-performance ratio

The especially hygienic WASHLET models have become the exclusive standard choice for private households and luxury hotels. The new, streamlined SX model is the latest addition to TOTO’s range of shower toilets. “WASHLET SX provides great comfort and perfect hygiene in a new, striking design – and is also an excellent value for your money”, explained Hubertus Brüggemann, Sales Director TOTO Europe.


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