Powerful design, gentle water

The new, exclusive automatic faucet from TOTO features innovative Soft Flow technology. The water flows gently in a precisely balanced stream without any splashing.

Use of TOTO automatic faucet

Water flows surprisingly softly and precisely from the new automatic faucet. A sophisticated new TOTO technology is responsible for this sensual experience: Soft Flow.

The new automatic faucet from TOTO has a powerful, dynamic design. The integrated Soft Flow technology allows the water to flow surprisingly gently and precisely.

The new TOTO automatic faucet has a strong, yet timelessly elegant design. The faucet is an ideal complement to interiors featuring flowing, harmonious shapes, and is used in exclusive hotels, restaurants and private homes.

In addition to many other options, TOTO offers a larger vessel (Linearceram) with fine contours to coordinate with the flowing design of the automatic faucet. They combine to create a very elegant, harmonious unit.

The design flows from a rounded, more substantial base to the nearly flat end of the faucet in one harmonious, elegant curve. A sensor on the side of the faucet controls the water temperature. An LED point indicates the water temperature: blue for cold and red for warm.

It’s possible to calculate how much water you can save using the new automatic faucet on the TOTO homepage – based on the number of people in a specific type of building (hotel, residence, office building, etc.).

The new automatic faucet TOTO introduced in 2018 has a dynamic, powerful design. It is an excellent addition to the extensive series of TOTO automatic faucets.


The new, timelessly elegant and high-quality automatic faucet was designed especially for luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as sophisticated private homes. It is the perfect complement to today’s interior trends, featuring a rounded, flowing design. A touch-free sensor on the side of the faucet changes the water temperature from warm to cold and back. This faucet is ideal in combination with larger washbasins.


Turning water into a sensual experience – Soft Flow
The water flows from the curved faucet in especially gentle individual streams, gliding smoothly over the hands while washing without splashing. TOTO consistently uses sophisticated technology to achieve a high level of comfort in its products, and this specific product features a technology called Soft Flow.


A very fine mesh filter is integrated into the faucet to create this very unique effect. It eliminates all turbulence in the flow of water, allowing it to flow softly and producing a surprisingly precise, controlled stream.


Hygiene and efficiency
Automatic faucets are standard in public areas, especially in exclusive hotels and restaurants. For hygienic reasons, guests prefer to touch as few things as possible in restrooms. The ecological aspect of conserving water is also important: The water flows precisely and only as long as needed.


It’s possible to calculate the amount of water saved by the new automatic faucet using the TOTO Water Calculator:



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