Elegant bathin experiences await at luxury hotel

TOTO brings top-class WASHLET™ models and bathtubs to grand hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich

Luxurious suite at the Four Seasons Kempinski in Munich

Hotel guests can relax in the suite and enjoy the comfortable TOTO NEOREST bathtub.

Luxurious suite at the Four Seasons Kempinski in Munich

The timelessly elegant design is a perfect fit for the newly designed rooms.

Luxurious free-standing bathtub in the Four Seasons Kempinski in Munich

Lateral view of the toilet cubicle and the shower cubicle

NEOREST WASHLET™ models are classically elegant and very convenient to use.

Wall-mounted WASHLET™ EW with remote control

Guests from around the world greatly appreciate the benefits of the warm water cleansing feature.

Wall-mounted WASHLET™ EW with remote control

TOTO WASHLET™ models are available in 100 bathrooms and suites. The water temperature, spray water pressure, etc. is adjusted via remote control.

The illuminated entrance facade of the Grandhotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich

Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich welcomes international guests with its sophisticated flair.

The foyer in the Four Seasons Kempinski in Munich

Bright bathroom with WASHLET™ and shower area

The newly designed bathrooms feature exclusive, comfortable TOTO WASHLET™ models for guests to use.

Double vanity with a view of a WASHLET™

One of the world's most famous hotels, Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich welcomes guests from every continent. The fashionable flair and unique ambience of this venerable hotel make every stay an unforgettable event. As part of an extensive renovation project, NEOREST WASHLET™ EW was installed in 100 rooms. Stylish comfort meets flawless design that exudes a sense of calm and modern serenity. Guests who stay in the President's Suite enjoy the luxurious NEOREST bathtub, which reflects the sophisticated wellness needs of hotel visitors.


Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich is known as the "noblest hotel on the block" - where guests can stay at Germany's most expensive suite and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere. To create the perfect ambience for guests, 60 rooms and suites were completely renovated in 2017, with another 40 rooms undergoing work in 2018. The bathrooms specifically are being overhauled to include technologically sophisticated and classically elegant products. Instead of conventional toilets, Vier Jahreszeiten Munich features exclusive NEOREST EW WASHLET™ models from TOTO as the standard for its bathrooms.


"TOTO WASHLET™ is found in all of the 100 new rooms and suites, and guests staying in the President's Suite will enjoy the comfort of the TOTO NEOREST bathtub," explained Frank Schroeder, Director of Engineering at the hotel. The entire NEOREST collection has a serene, streamlined look. The freestanding bathtub, for example, is delicate and elegant - combining wellness with timeless design. A special glaze featured on the NEOREST WASHLET™ models makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria for accumulate, and gives the high-quality ceramic a long-lasting shine. This innovative hygiene technology found in all WASHLET™ models delivers extra ordinary cleanliness. Guests from around the world greatly appreciate the benefits of the warm water cleansing feature available with WASHLET™.


"TOTO products have an appealing, modern design, and are also very practical," explained Pierre Court, the New York-based interior designer responsible for the hotel redesign. "There is also a wide selection of options to choose from," he continued. "We selected TOTO products because of their design and excellent quality. The most crucial factor was the outstanding functionality of the products." Hotel management is also very satisfied with their choice of TOTO products: "They stand for luxury, which makes them perfect for our guests' tastes and standards," confirms Frank Schroeder. "As a hotel group, we arealways working to inspire our guests with new innovations - and TOTO products made this effort a success."