Elegant and simple design

TOTO brings a new toilet to market – Square Perfection.

Bathroom detail with wall-hung WASHLET™

The new TOTO SP toilet brings a delicate, elegant look to the bathroom.

Wall-mounted WASHLET ™ in a white atmosphere

SP - Square Perfection is the name of the toilet brought to market in January 2018 by Japanese sanitary ceramics manufacturer TOTO. The elegant, compact and geometric design is both timeless and new. The toilet incorporates TOTO's tried and-tested hygiene technologies.


Square Perfection has a simple and understated, yet powerful design. The shape is streamlined, clear and minimalistic. The seat is especially slim, and pairs perfectly with the rest of the toilet to look like one cohesive unit. Square Perfection will be a forerunner in terms of hygiene thanks to the standard features found in all TOTO toilets, including therimless toilet bowl design and the extremely smooth, durable CeFiONtect glaze - which protects the ceramic, makes the toilet easier to clean, and leaves a shiny surface. In addition to its elemental design, the SP toilet comes equipped with the proven Tornado Flush technology. Jets propel water into the toilet bowl, forming a powerful whirlpool that effectively cleans the entire toilet bowl.


The especially quiet flush is one notable feature. TOTO has managed to improve on its already quiet flush - reducing the volume even further to keep it below 64.8 dB.