The spa shower experience

TOTO developed the “DaySpa” shower to provide the ideal experience for every time of day – from an invigorating start in the morning to a quiet, relaxing evening. Classic, understated design meets sophisticated technology to deliver outstanding comfort while saving water.

Shower stall with glass walls

Timelessly elegant design and a new spa feeling: TOTO's shower series has an exclusive look with new technology that allows people to adjust the spray in line with their current mood - for an invigorating or relaxing impact.

Shower cabin with glass wall

The modern, yet elegant "DaySpa" showers are available in round and square versions.

Round shower head against black background

The overhead shower measuring 220 mm in diameter is available with either one or two different types of sprays.

A handheld shower head against a white background

The new hand shower has three types of sprays, which can be switched with the touch of a button.

TOTO shower head with massage jet against a black background

The standard "Comfort Wave" function delivers a comfortable shower experience while using little water.

Shower shower by TOTO with a simple spray against a black background

The "Warm Spa" spray creates a warm stream of water that fully envelops the body. "Warm Spa" is the first shower to provide a completely regenerative feeling under the shower that is as relaxing as taking a bath.

Thermal image representation of the TOTO WARMSPA shower compared to conventional showers

Pictures from a thermal imaging device show how the TOTO "Warm Spa" warms the body thoroughly and evenly.

Graphical representation of heat storage using WARMSPA technology

"Warm Spa" allows for long-lasting thermal absorption, keeping the body warm for an extended period of time.

Graphical representation of heat storage using WARMSPA technology

The temperature of the palm of the hand increases 1.5 degrees with "Warm Spa", comparable to the temperature increase while taking a bath.

Today's bathing culture is shaped by the interplay of design, luxury and technology. Part of this includes enjoying the shower as a kind of ritual, a special moment of indulgence that promotes health and well-being in addition to simply getting clean. Japanese bathroom supplier TOTO developed a shower series that allows people to choose their wellness experience based on their specific needs, for a regenerating, calming or invigorating effect. One highlight is the "Warm Spa", a full stream of water that gently calms the body and spirit - the first shower that feels as relaxing as taking a bath.


TOTO has focused on the regenerative impact of showering and bathing for many years now, and develops technological innovations based on these findings. The modern "DaySpa" showers promote the economical use of water and can have a relaxing, refreshing or invigorating effect, depending on people's preferences. These new showers have a timelessly elegant, sophisticated design.


For a special wellness experience

TOTO's innovative shower series transforms the time spent in the bath into an extraordinary wellness ritual. Depending on your mood or the time of day, the overhead and hand showers have a variety of different spray types to ensure your total well-being. "Active Wave" gives you an energising start to your day. The powerful stream of water invigorates and awakens the spirit. This spray works deep beneath the surface, stimulating the nervous system for a revitalising, stimulating effect. Extra-large drops of water create a luxurious shower experience. The "Comfort Wave" spray is standard in all TOTO showers. It delivers an especially luxurious, refreshing and regenerating shower experience while using little water. It is an ideal choice for any time of the day.


Warm Spa effect - the first shower as relaxing as a bath

Few things in this world can relax the body and mind as fully as a warm bath. For the first time, people can experience this same complete feeling of well-being under the warm, enveloping stream of water in the shower thanks to the "Warm Spa" spray: Water gently falls on the body, gently wrapping it like a second layer of skin with practically no splashing. The water keeps the entire body evenly warm, which can even help when falling asleep. The long-lasting thermal absorption and positive effect of TOTO's "Warm Spa" technology has been demonstrated in lab testing.


Very little water - for a high-quality shower

All TOTO showers are equipped with a water flow limiter to ensure that they use considerably less water than conventional shower heads. The overhead showers use 12.8l, and the hand showers just 5.7l. This comparably low water consumption does not impact the quality of the shower, however. Instead, people enjoy a completely restorative spa experience. Despite the little amount of water used, the spray feels like a full stream of water - even when washing soap off the body or rinsing shampoo out of the hair. The water saving technology does not impact the shower experience and functionality in any way.