An elegant solution:

Toilets with slim seats

Rimless toilet with slim lid mounted on grey concrete wall

The MH toilet with the new slim seat gives the toilet a delicate, elegant look.

Rimless toilet with normal lid mounted on a beige tile wall

Comparison: The previous seat on the MH toilet.

In addition to its attractive, streamlined look, the new slim toilet seat from TOTO offers a wide range of functional advantages. It is easy to remove and clean, very durable, and virtually scratch-proof. This soft-closing seat is compatible with three TOTO toilets - the MH, NC and ES.


When closed, the new slim seat blends in with the toilet to make it look like one cohesive unit. The design of the new seat also reflects the trend towards slender, more delicate lines. Customers can now choose from the conventional wider TOTO construction and the new, extra slim design.


The slim seat is the ideal upgrade to give an existing toilet a new, more attractive and elegant look - the entire ambience of the bathroom benefits from this minimal change.


While the look may be new, the quality is still the same. Many companies have tried to copy the original rimless toilet from TOTO, but no one has managed to achieve the same outstanding level of quality. The Tornado Flush thoroughly cleans the entire inside of the bowl with a powerful whirlpool of water without any spray on the seat or around the toilet. This prevents the spread of bacteria. The rimless design also means that there are no hard-to-reach places, making the toilet easy to clean. The extra smooth and durable CeFiONtect glaze makes it difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate.