The right washbasin for every bath

From luxury bathrooms to public toilets: TOTO washbasins offer a winning combination of durability and appealing design.

Wooden washbasin

Countertop washbasin from the TOTO SG series

Wall-hung washbasin on gray wall

Sanitary area with three washstands and hand dryers

Compact vanity washbasin with wooden elements and illuminated mirror

Vanity washbasin with single arm fittings

When designing a new bathroom, it's always necessary to find the right washbasin. It's usually an aesthetic decision that people make based on their individual tastes, but it's important to think about the quality when shopping. The surfaces should be as strong, long-lasting and easy to clean - it's just as important for frequently used public toilets as well as private bathrooms. Washbasins are made of a wide variety of materials. Ceramic is the most commonly used because it is durable, resistant and available in all different shapes and sizes. Unlike other materials, ceramics is very resistant to hair dyes and colour rinses, as well as rust and lime in tap water.


Strong, long-lasting surface: special CeFiONtect glaze

Developing durable, long-lasting products is TOTO's highest priority - which is one of the reasons why the company developed the special CeFiONtect glaze. It is applied to the ceramic surface before firing, and runs through the entire firing process. The glaze has an especially smooth surface, making it far more difficult for dirt and waste to stick as compared to conventional surfaces. CeFiONtect is an especially hard glaze that lasts and keeps its shine for many years.


CeFiONtect is so durable that people can use microfiber cloth to clean TOTO washbasins without leaving any scratches. The extremely smooth surface also makes aggressive cleansers unnecessary, for more environmentally conscious cleaning with little effort - both at home and in frequently used public toilet facilities.

Japanese bathing culture arrives in Europe

Until today, bathrooms in the Western world were usually plain, unspectacular washrooms. In contrast, the Japanese have always considered the bathroom to be a place for physical and spiritual well-being. Europe's gradual warming to Eastern philosophy has been an inspiration for TOTO, a company synonymous with Japanese bathing culture.


TOTO develops washbasins based on this tradition. The company focuses on achieving the ideal balance between comfort, relaxation, hygiene, ecology and appealing design in its products - which work as perfectly in luxury, family and guest bathrooms as they do in busy public washrooms. TOTO offers a wide variety of different washbasins to meet the needs of all types of bathrooms and sanitary areas - including space-saving, especially comfortable and primarily long-lasting solutions.


NEOREST series - for sophisticated tastes

The elegant, lightweight NEOREST vessel washbasins feature gently rounded edges and delicate contours. The hidden drain creates a smooth surface. Another great design feature is the overflow, which has an elegant chrome-colour cover.

SG series - for simple elegance in the bath

The SG (Square Geometry) furniture washbasin, available in two sizes, has a wonderfully inviting, smart and lightweight look. The counter cabinet and faucet pair to create a harmonious ensemble of elegance and streamlined design.


CF series - for family bathrooms and public facilities

The streamlined, minimalistic CF series stands for Clean Future, with pieces that coordinate well with other TOTO products. This collection includes a large washbasin with wide sides and a surrounding splash edge, available in two sizes. CF products are especially durable, making them ideal for use in public restrooms.

NC and MH series - compact solutions for small bathrooms

The compact hand washbasins in the NC and MH series are ideal for guest bathrooms. Combined with WASHLETs, toilets and other products from TOTO's extensive collection, they create a harmonious atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome from the moment they enter the bathroom - turning even the smallest guest bath or high-traffic public restroom into refreshing, soothing retreats in everyday life.



1. The NEOREST collection of bathroom furnishings meets the highest standards for aesthetics and comfort. The hidden drain creates a smooth surface, and the overflow has an elegant chrome-colour cover. 2. The SG series brings simple elegance to the bathroom. The furniture washbasin can cover the entire surface of the cabinet or be slightly narrower to allow space on each side. 3. For the family: The CF series has a streamlined, minimalistic design. The large washbasin has wide sides and a surrounding splash edge. 4. The strong CF series washbasins are ideal for frequently used public and semi-public toilets. 5. The compact NC series washbasin fits in every guest bathroom. 6. The MH series washbasin with matching cabinet is a perfect choice for small, yet elegant guest bathrooms.