Self Power technology – a faucet with a hydroelectric generator

It’s simply ingenious: The automatic, no-touch faucet does not require electricity, but is powered by its own tiny hydroelectric generator. The Self Power technology developed by TOTO, the Japanese bathroom fixtures manufacturer, protects nature and the environment by saving both water and electricity.

A faucet that produces its own electricity? While others try to develop a similar solution, TOTO, the leading Japanese manufacturer of bathroom furnishings and fixtures, has already launched an entire line of products. The Self Power faucet does not require conventional electricity to control the flow of water. This environmentally friendly fixture combines two technologies in one. The microsensor at the tip of the spout – one of the smallest in the world – automatically regulates the flow of water. In addition, the energy required for the sensor is generated by the faucet itself.  
The integrated sensor registers the motion of the hands to measure exactly how long the water should flow. This highly sensitive sensor only detects movement directly below the spout and is not activated when the sink is cleaned, for example. This sensor is supplied with electricity from a generator inside the faucet – created by harnessing the energy from the water flowing through the tap. It is similar to a hydroelectric plant, in which flowing water is used to power a turbine. The faucet stores the generated energy in a battery, which provides electricity for regular use. As a result, no external energy is required to activate the faucet

The sensor technology in these established automatic faucets can help save water, especially in public places – the water immediately stops flowing once the hands are moved away from the spout. An external power supply is usually required for this feature. This faucet represents a forward-looking opportunity to protect the environment by conserving resources. The no-touch operation also prevents the spread of germs.

The high-quality, minimalistic faucet featuring TOTO's Self Power function is a product that unites outstanding design, ecology and sustainable technology in an ingenious way.