Clerkenwell Design Week 2015:

TOTO present the power a Tornado Flush in a special exhibition celebrating 5 years of the London showroom

TOTO, pioneers of toilet technology and creators of the original WASHLET, are celebrating 5 years of the London Concept Store during Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. A special one off exhibition highlighting the power of TOTO’s unique Tornado Flushing system will be displayed throughout the festival.


Visually bringing to life the superior qualities of the Tornado Flush system for visitors, TOTO will present a dedicated projection mapping installation that highlights exactly how the manufacturer achieve advanced levels of hygiene compared to conventional WCs or WASHLETs. Guests are welcomed to the showroom and encouraged to try out the benefits of TOTO WASHLET’s for themselves in dedicated experience rooms.

Tornado Flush USPs:

• A true original inspired by nature, the principle of the tornado is uniquely engineered into technology

• TOTO reinvents the traditional pour down flush

• Quiet and water-efficient with both 3 litre and 4.81 litre options

• Powerful jets create a vortex that cleans both rim and bowl effectively eliminating bacteria

• Included as standard on every WC and WASHLET model


The Japanese Kaizen principle:

TOTO follow the Japanese belief of leading your competitors. Their approach is based on the Japanese “Kaizen” principle meaning constant transformation and change, striving for better. At TOTO, product developments are always comprehensive and go far beyond solving isolated issues. The development of the Tornado Flush and rimless toilet bowl go hand in hand. TOTO designed this special flush, specifically for and parallel to its rimless bowl, and together they create a powerful, circulating whirlpool of water which thoroughly. By incorporating three jets, the Tornado Flush produces a downward pull to prevent mist or spray water from escaping out of the bowl, completely preventing the spread of dirt and bacteria.The rimless bowl and Tornado Flush have enabled TOTO to achieve a uniquely high level of hygiene, which has been confirmed in an expert report prepared by Prof Dr Klaus-Dieter Zastrow. The Berlin-based expert in hygiene and environmental medicine, examined CF and NC WC models and found the TOTO toilets “superior” in terms of hygiene when compared to their conventional counterparts. He confirmed that Tornado Flush essentially rules out the spread of intestinal germs.


Clean Technology - the TOTO future:

Just as technology has revolutionised every aspect of contemporary life, TOTO’s innovations are changing the way people think about and use bathrooms. TOTO embraces technology in the pursuit of cleanliness, the same way it is embraced in the workplace for efficiency, or in social environments for communication and leisure. TOTO’s products allow for previously unimaginable levels of cleanliness, relaxation and contentment. Clean Technology is all about making time spent in the bathroom more fulfilling.


Since its founding, TOTO has worked towards an ideal of cleanliness and comfort with technology becoming ever more integral to achieving it. As TOTO advances in Europe, it brings with it the potential for an enhanced lifestyle, more beautiful bathrooms and a healthier planet, the philosophy of Clean Technology will remain thecompany’s guiding principle.


Brief company timeline:

- 1917 The company is established by Kazuchika Okura under the name of TOYO TOKI CO Ltd, which islater renamed to TOTO.

- 1946 After World War II, TOTO begins to manufacture metal fittings and faucets as well as ceramics.

- 1964 New headquarters completed and TOTO is at the forefront of bathroom technology, developing the prefabrication methods necessary to meet the need for mass production. Japan is in the midst of aconstruction boom and is enjoying and economic successes when it hosts the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

- 1977 The first overseas factory opens in Indonesia.

- 1980 TOTO launches the WASHLET.

- 1990 TOTO begins trading in the US having already extended into Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwanand Hong Kong. TOTO expands business to China in 1994.

- 2009 TOTO launches in Europe.

- 2014 TOTO launches the worlds first self-cleaning WASHLET, the Neorest AC.


Notes to editors:

- The TOTO London Concept Store will be celebrating its 5th Birthday during Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. On 20th May at 1pm, visitors are invited to a CPD entitled Clean Technology in the Bathroom.

- The European team was established in 2009, shortly followed by the opening of the London conceptstore in May 2010. There are now six full time members of staff operating from the London showroom.

- Representatives of TOTO UK are available for comment during CDW. To arrange interviews pleasecontact the UK PR team on the details below.About



1. Graphic image highlighting the internal water vortex created by
the Tornado Flush

2. 1980 the first TOTO WASHLET

3. 2014 The worlds first self cleaning WASHLET