iF Design Award 2015:

Double success for TOTO

WASHLET™ hung on white wall

WASHLET™ hanging on a white wall

TOTO was recognised with two honours at the iF Design Award 2015. The panel of judges recognised the NEOREST AC WASHLET and SG WASHLET in the Product Design category.


The international panel of 53 judges at the iF Design Award 2015 evaluated entries in the Product Design category for their functionality, level of innovation and other criteria. It’s no surprise that the two TOTO shower toilets made a very positive impression among the 4,783 submissions under consideration.


The NEOREST AC WASHLET and SG WASHLET impress not only for their streamlined design, but also their clever hygiene and comfort functionalities. The SG and NEOREST AC WASHLETs both spray the toilet bowl with ewater+ prior to use. This electrolysed water has antibacterial and cleansing properties.


Actively fights dirt and germs

The NEOREST AC WASHLET also features the innovative Actilight technology. The zirconium-coated toilet bowl, which has a shimmering, mother-of-pearl look, combines with the UV light integrated in the lid to start a photocatalytic reaction that actively breaks down dirt and bacteria. Both models also include several other features which boost hygiene and enhance people’s feeling of well-bring.


Such sophisticated products have made TOTO the technology leader of the sanitary industry world-wide. Receiving the iF Design Award 2015 further underscores the Japanese bathroom manufacturer’s role as a pioneer in this segment.




1. NEOREST AC WASHLET: A photocatalytic reaction actively fights dirt and germs in the toilet bowl.

2. The SG WASHLET cleans itself with ewater+, which has antibacterial properties.