TOTO at ISH 2015: New WASHLETS features

New developments: CF WASHLET and PreMist hygiene function – Enhancements: GL 2.0 and EK 2.0 WASHLETs

Wooden toilet room with wall-hung WASHLET™

Top view of a WASHLET™ with PREMIST technology

WASHLET™ EK 2.0 hanging on a beige wall

WASHLET™ GL 2.0 hanging on a beige wall

Detailed view of the WASHLET™ CF

TOTO has sold 36 million WASHLETs around the world to date. This innovative productowes its success to pioneering technology, high functionality and maximum levels of hygiene.TOTO will present new developments and enhancements to its WASHLET collectionat ISH 2015.


The CF WASHLET is a new addition to TOTO’s collection. It fits on the toilet pan of the same name, which the Japanese bathroom manufacturer launched in 2014. Like all other TOTO toilets, the CF model features the powerful Tornado Flush, the extremely smooth,special CeFiONtect glaze, and rimless toilet bowl.


Once the CF WASHLET attachment is added, users can enjoy the basic functions available across all TOTO WASHLETs: the adjustable wand jet system for warm water intimate cleansing and programmable heated seat.


One new advantage of this WASHLET is that it fits on many conventional toilet models that are available from other manufacturers. Customers can now easily upgrade their toilets at home to WASHLETs.

PreMist – simply ingenious

The CF WASHLET also offers three additional comfort and hygiene functions: the adjustable warm air dryer to follow the intimate warm water wash, a deodoriser to prevent odours, and the PreMist feature.

The PreMist function sprays the entire inside of the toilet bowl with a fine mist of waterprior to use. This film of water greatly decreases the amount of dirt and bacteria that can accumulate on the ceramic surface. The advantage of this simply ingenious innovation is straight forward: PreMist considerably improves the hygiene of the toilet. At the same time,the toilet is easier to clean without any aggressive cleansers.


Memory function – now for two users

While developing the new CF WASHLET, TOTO also reworked and updated two of the WASHLETs in its existing collection. Nearly every model in the range is now equipped with the PreMist function. The GL 2.0 WASHLET and EK 2.0 WASHLET also include this new hygienic feature.TOTO has also installed dryers in these two models.


TOTO has also incorporated new materials into the WASHLET. The toilet seats and wandjets are now made of a dirt-resistant, easy-to-clean silicone-based plastic. The remote controls for the CF and GL 2.0 models were also redesigned, allowing the memory function to store settings for two users. A number of TOTO WASHLET functions are adjustable, including the position, temperature and type of spray from the wand jet, as well as the temperature of the heated seat. Once saved, users can access their personal settings any time at the touch of a button.


With these new WASHLET developments and enhancements, TOTO is dramatically expanding its technological lead over the competition while setting new standards inhygiene.



1. The CF WASHLET is a new addition to TOTO’s collection. This WASHLET is compatible with the TOTO CF toilet as well as many conventional models available from other manufacturers. 2. Nearly all TOTO WASHLETs include the PreMist function. 3. The EK 2.0 WASHLET, shown here on an MH series toilet, now has a dryer. 4. The GL 2.0 WASHLET, shown here on an NC series toilet, was also upgraded to include a dryer. 5. The EK 2.0 WASHLET – featuring a side control panel to activate all functions.6. TOTO redesigned the remote controls for the CF and GL 2.0 WASHLETs.