TOTO at ISH 2015: Products for Public areas

TOTO products offer outstanding hygiene and an exclusive design for use in public washrooms

Wall-hung WASHLET™ in the Jal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

Lounge area of the JAL Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

Sanitary area with three washstands and hand dryers

Public sanitary area with integrated washbasins

Minimalist vanity washbasin with automatic tap

Minimalist vanity washbasin with automatic tap

Automatic tap with integrated soap dispenser

Wall-mounted, surface-mounted hand dryer from TOTO

Barrier-free wall-hung toilet of the TOTO CF series

When using public washrooms users appreciate a few important things: cleanliness, discretion, no offensive odours and an appealing space. TOTO offers a wide range ofproducts designed specifically for public spaces and is always working towards makingpublic and semi-public facilities more pleasant for people to use. At ISH 2015, the Japanesebathroom manufacturer is presenting its completely acces-sible toilet, touch-freefaucets and hand dryers with outstanding hygienic properties.


Washrooms at airports and rest areas, hospitals and hotels are very heavily used. Forthis reason, the functional aspects of these spaces are the highest priorities – includinghygiene, ease of cleanliness and maintenance, and efficient water use. At the same time,bathrooms in many public or semi-public facilities reflect the entire building or company.They play a representative role, which is why creating and maintaining an appealing,clean atmosphere is so important for visitors.


TOTO is represented in public washrooms and sanitary facilities around the entire world,including over 80 international airports. One great example is the very exclusive andelegant JAL Lounge at Frankfurt Airport. An ever-growing number of major internationalhotel chains, luxury hotels, as well as medical and care facilities are also home to TOTOproducts. The Japanese company specifically focuses on constantly improving andupgrading its products for the public sector, making this its core area of expertise. TOTOdevelops efficient technologies that meet the highest hygienic requirements. The effectivenessof these features is certified in clinical tests and expert reports on hygiene.


A wide variety of products for public use

“Technology to move you” is the company’s theme for this year’s ISH. Visitors to thebooth will see a fully accessible toilet as well as other toilets with rimless bowls, built-inand under-counter washbasins, a wide range of automatic faucets, and a new coordinatingsensor-activated soap dispenser to allow for hygienic, touch-free use. Other highlightsat ISH 2015 include the energy efficient hand dryer with rapid drying times, availablein both wall and recess-mounted versions. They feature a compact, ergonomic andstreamlined look, and impressive high quality details.


These special technical details make TOTO products especially suitable for use in publicwashrooms:


• Efficient Tornado Flush: It produces a powerful whirlpool of water to quietly andeffectively clean the entire inside of the toilet bowl. In tests, Tornado Flush hasproven to be quieter than a conventional toilet flush.

• Rimless bowl: This keeps dirt and bacteria from accumulating in hard-to-reachplaces, allows for very easy cleaning, and also prevents unpleasant odours fromforming.

• Hygienic CeFiONtect glaze: It forms an extremely smooth ceramic surface that preventsbuild-up and retains a long-lasting shine. Products with CeFiONtect are extremelyeasy to clean because no stubborn dirt can accumulate on the surface.

• Sensor-activated products like the soap dispenser and automatic faucets aretouch-free, completely preventing any skin contact with pathogens. The sensor isintegrated in the spout, making it practically invisible. It accurately registers everyhand movement, delivers the ideal amount of water for washing, and is verytamper-proof.

TOTO products are a good long-term investment

When it comes to public areas, there is another important aspect to consider: Investmentsin high-quality products need to pay off over an extended period of time. “TOTOproducts are often the first choice for public buildings simply for pragmatic reasons. Theyoffer many advantages. For example, our precise automatic faucets reduce water consumption.Our toilets require less effort to clean, and our products have comparably lowmaintenance costs. TOTO sanitary ceramics also last a very long time thanks to the veryhigh product standards and certified hygienic properties,” explained Sales Director TOTOEurope Hubertus Brüggemann.