TOTO at ISH 2015: Versatile new CF Collection

The CF (Clean Future) collection is universally compatible – from the public sector to private homes.

Bathroom featuring WASHLET™

Wooden toilet cubicle with wall-hung toilet

Wooden toilet cubicle with wall-mounted WASHLET™

Wall-hung vanity on gray wall with illuminated mirror

Shower cabin with TOTO shower system on wooden tiles

Accessible bathroom with handrails

Sanitary area with three washstands and hand dryers

Open toilet cubicles with wall-hung toilets

It’s been less than a year since TOTO launched its new CF toilet on the market. This allround talent is incredibly hygienic, making it ideal for use in hospitals and care facilities.The CF toilet is also a good choice for hotels and private homes thanks to its functional, streamlined and simplified design. Now, the Japanese bathroom manufacturer created aversatile series of products to complement the CF model – and will introduce these for the first time at ISH 2015.


CF stands for "Clean Future"

The name alone clearly reflects TOTO’s main priority: to offer a product line with outstanding hygienic properties which is priced attractively enough for use in public areas. This collection also includes a fully accessible toilet with the corresponding seat ring is alsoavailable.


Tornado Flush plays a considerable role in ensuring maximum hygiene. It produces acirculating whirlpool of water which creates a slight pull downwards. This keeps any mistor spray from escaping from the toilet bowl and contaminating the surrounding areas withpathogens. The extremely smooth CeFiONtect glaze and rimless bowl design prevent dirtand bacteria from accumulating on the ceramic surface.

CF WASHLET: an easy hygiene and comfort upgrade

The CF toilet can be quickly and easily upgraded to a CF WASHLET with a WASHLET attachment, which is also compatible with many toilets from other manufacturers. If the necessary water and electricity connections are in place, an experienced plumber can complete this hygiene and comfort upgrade in a short amount of time.


The CF WASHLET includes the basic functions available in all TOTO WASHLETs: the adjustable wand jet system for warm water intimate cleansing and programmable heated seat. Three other features also offer both hygiene and comfort: the adjustable warm air dryer to follow the intimate warm water wash, a deodorizer to prevent unpleasant odours,and the PreMist function.


The PreMist function sprays the entire inside of the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water prior to use. This film of water greatly decreases the amount of dirt and bacteria that can accumulate on the ceramic surface. This improves the hygiene of the toilet while making it easier to clean without any aggressive cleansers.


CF series: functionality meets streamlined design

The CF washbasins are available in two different sizes (650 or 850 millimetres in width), either with or without half-pedestals. Like all TOTO washbasins, they include the extremely smooth CeFiONtect glaze. This helps keep waste and bacteria from building up on the surface.


Expert reports confirm the very high hygienic requirements TOTO has for its products. By combining functionality with streamlined, simplified design, the CF collection is ideal foruse in public areas as well as private homes.



1. The new TOTO CF collection is an ideal choice for private homes thanks to its simplified, functional design. 2. Like all TOTO toilets, the CF toilet includes the powerful Tornado Flush, special CeFiONtect glaze and rimless toilet bowl. 3. The CF toilet can be quickly and easily upgraded to a CF WASHLET by adding the WASHLET attachment. 4. The 850-millimetre version of the CF washbasin has plenty of shelf space. 5. The overhead and hand showers in the TOTO shower system are also compatible with the CF collection. They offer various types of sprays. 6. The CF toilet is also available in a fully accessible version – with the same familiar advantages: Tornado Flush, CeFiONtect and rimless bowl. 7. The CF collection is also used in public and semi-public areas. This photo shows the 650-millimetre washbasins and two hand dryers. 8. The CF toilet meets all hygienic requirements in public and semi-public areas.