TOTO showcases sensor tap technology - Grand Designs Live 2014

This year, Grand Designs Live London introduces The Tech Box; a new feature dedicated toshowcasing the latest eco-friendly, cutting-edge products for the home. The Tech Box will display thelatest designs and systems which not only look incredible, but also save money, electricity and energy.


As part of the new Tech Box feature, TOTO Europe have been invited to unveil the technology involvedin their Self Power Faucets; a collection of innovative water saving taps that are designed to becompletely hands free and therefore extremely hygienic. On show alongside the Self Power Faucetswith integrated control panels, will be the curved and modern square models as well as a cross sectionshowing visitors the internal working mechanisms of the taps.


TOTO’s Self Power Faucets incorporate two unique technologies: The first is an automatic micro-sensor– one of the world’s smallest – positioned at the tip of the spout. The sensor registers the movement ofthe hands to calcuate the amount of water needed meaning only the minimum amount of water is used. Located inside the unit is the second technology; a generator that harnesses energy from water flowingthrough the tap making the micro-sensors energy completely self-sufficient, therefore no external poweris required.


Retail partner Aromabath will also feature TOTO as part of their independent product selection(stand K13). A full working model of TOTO's Neorest EW Washlet - which sprays the bowl withelectrolysed, antibacterial water thus preventing waste accumulation - and the MH wall hung WCwill be on display.





1. Public Self Power Faucet Curved £342.00


2. Public Auto Faucet Modern Square £492.00


3. Public Integrated Self Power Faucet £816.00