Grespania launch H&C TILES® with HYDROTECT®

Presentation of H&C Tiles from Grespania

Presentation of Grespania's H&C Tiles

An eye catcher on CEVISAMA 2014: H&C TILES®, the new range of self-cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles by Grespania, one of leading manufacturer of ceramic tile in Spain. Originating from of a partnership between Grespania and TOTO Europe for HYDROTCT® technology, H&C TILES® is a unique solution that will widen prospects in the area of quality living, healthiness and environmental sustainability.


Under a Master Agreement with TOTO Europe GmbH, Grespania has developed H&C TILES®, a new range of tiles that perfectly combine self-cleaning, antibacterial and pollution-reducing properties by using TOTO’s HYDROTECT® technology.


Because of these exclusive properties, H&C TILES® can be used as well as in interior and exterior architectural applications, respectively. Traditional or ventilated facings coated with H&C TILES® actually provide excellent self-cleaning properties as well as reducing the main airborne pollutants, substantially contributing to improving the environmental quality of urban settlements. Just think that a 150 sqmt facing coated with H&C TILES® can purify air as much as a wood as big as a football pitch or remove the NOx (nitrogen oxides from combustion) from 11 cars in a day’s time.


While in interior applications, such as bathroom, kitchen, gym, swimming-pool floors and walls, etc, they offer excellent antibacterial and smell-reducing properties.


The exclusive formulation of the HYDROTECT® coating is based on a combination of two different active agents. One is titanium dioxide (TiO2), which gives the product photo-catalytic properties so that, when exposed to light (sunlight) , it provides self-cleaning and pollution-mitigation properties. The other is a well-balanced formulation of noble metals that offers antibacterial and antivirus properties as well. So, as opposed to common photo-catalytic products, because of the exclusive combination in the HYDROTECT® coating, the H&C TILES® tiles have bacterial-decomposing properties even without light.


Designers have a wide range of colours, finishes and modular units available to meet any requirement of any application, combining excellent aesthetic and finishing solutions with top-rank technical performance.


Following the Master Agreement with TOTO Europe GmbH, Grespania is Spain’s first ceramics company to join the strategic international HYDROTECT® partners’ network, designed to promote the exchange of experiences and innovation between global players from the most diverse industries that use such technology. Members include lots of companies that are very well known in the architectural and building communities, such as: Alcoa, Pilkington, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and Casalgrande Padana.


H&C TILES® is therefore a new step forward in Grespania’s unique journey towards innovation, creativity, expertise, environmental responsibility and quality living.