Hotel Sans Souci in Vienna

Bathroom with shower stall and WASHLET™ at Hotel Sans Souci

Pink illuminated exterior facade of the Hotel Sans Souci in Vienna

Reference lobby of the Hotel Sans Souci

Wall-mounted WASHLET™ and wash basin

Wall-hung toilet and washstand

NC collection toilets and the WASHLET GL from TOTO meet the guests' high standards in hygiene – and fit in harmoniously with the interior design Art, design and reserved luxury: The Hotel Sans Souci is situated in the heart of Vienna. Shopping mile Mariahilferstrasse, the museum quarter and the art and culture district Spittelberg are just a stone's throw away. But the freshly renovated interior of the building constructed in 1872 is also worth a look: designer furniture, photographs, Pop art paintings – and aesthetically pleasing toilets and WASHLETs from TOTO in the restrooms.

A total of 20 originals from American pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein are on display in the public areas and suites of Hotel Sans Souci. The hotel also features works by Allen Jones and Steve Kaufman, as well as photographs from Hubertus Hohenlohe. Hotel guests can also admire designer furniture by Tom Dixon or take a seat on the Egg Chairs by Arne Jacobsen.

London-based design studio yoo created 63 individual, bright rooms and suiteswhich combine modern design objects with high-quality series products and selected antiques. The sophisticated interior design includes golden wall paintings, parquet flooring, expansive mirror screens, high-quality beds – with the functional and extremely aesthetic WCs and WASHLETs from TOTO in the bathrooms.

“TOTO products are an excellent fit for our hotel”
The two architectural offices A2K and Werkstatt Wien had a wall-hung wash-down toilet from the NC collection fitted in each of the bathrooms of the 15 superior and 27 luxury rooms. The guest bathrooms of the three master suites are also equipped with these models. Hotel Sans Souci boasts a total of 45 TOTO toilets. “We opted for TOTO because the products are high in quality and therefore an excellent fit for our hotel,” explains hotel manager Andrea Fuchs. “However, we were also convinced by the TOTO products because they are particularly easy to clean, use a very small amount of water per flush and are very quiet.”

There is a good reason why TOTO 2011 received the German Hygiene Certificate (Deutsches Hygienezertifikat) for its toilets in 2011. Three factors contribute to the good hygiene results:

• The powerful Tornado Flush– This innovative three-jet flush cleans both the rim and the bowl in a unique way: The system does not simply let water pour down from the rim as in a traditional flush. Instead, three powerful jets propel water to create a strong whirlpool effect, which cleans every inch of the bowl. The Tornado Flush is so effective that just three litres of water often clean just as well as two times the amount.

• The smooth special CeFiONtect glaze– Unlike conventional ceramic coatings, the glaze at TOTO is applied before the ceramics are fired. The result is an extremely smooth and resistant surface which keeps mould, waste and germs from accumulating. In contrast to conventional ceramics, this glaze can also be cleaned using microfiber cloths without wearing down the glaze over time.

Rimless bowl– Dirt and germs can no longer accumulate in hard-to-clean places below the rim. A particularly important factor in hotels is a quiet flush. Who hasn't been woken at some point by a toilet flushing in the room next door? Comparative measurements have shown that the Tornado Flush with a top value of 68 decibels is around 26percent quieter than comparative flushes.


WASHLET GL from TOTO: Toilet paper is unnecessary
Fuchs had a total of 21 WASHLET GLs installed in the 18 junior and three master suites. They meet even the ultimate in demands on cleanliness and bodily hygiene because as well as the Tornado Flush, the special glaze and the rimless ceramic, they offer additional comfort:

• The innovative wand jet system for personal cleansing almost completely eradicates the need for toilet paper. The user extends the wand via remote control and adjusts the temperature, position and strength of the spray to a comfortable setting. The wand is antibacterially treated and coated with a silicone alloy.As a result, it is hardly possible for anything to stick to it when wet. The wand jet cleans itself automatically before and after each use. There is no need for regular maintenance.

• The heated seat can also be adjusted to the user's desired temperature. It even warms itself up before the user sits down. An energy-saving mode can be set to reduce the seat and water temperatures to a minimum when the WASHLET is not in use.

• The deodorizer prevents unpleasant odours. A coarse filter and an ionised carbon fibre filter suck in the air and purify it.

Costs for cleaning times must not be underestimated when it comes to hotels. The WASHLET GL can be simply removed at the touch of a button, enabling quick and easy access to all areas.

Pure indulgence
The Sans Souci Spa Club has a 450 m² wellness oasis designed to help guests relax. It features a 20-metre pool, three different saunas, a steam room, a sunbed and two treatment rooms.
“We believe that Sans Souci, i.e. ‘without worries’, is a very good name for our hotel. After all, we want our guests to spend some carefree time in Vienna and experience and enjoy the rich cultural and culinary offerings of the city with all of their senses,” says Fuchs.