The pinnacle in hygiene and well-being

Bathroom view with washbasin, WASHLET™ and shower

WASHLET™ hanging on a white wall

Bathroom furniture from the SG series

Fully equipped bathroom with bathroom furniture from the SG series

Countertop washbasin from the TOTO SG series

Countertop washbasin from the TOTO SG series

Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO is showing its new SG bathroom collection at the upcoming ISH 2013. The series unites comfort, aesthetics and technology to provide its users with the greatest possible comfort and well-being.

In Japanese culture, the bathroom is a place of relaxation used for both cleansing as well as regeneration. TOTO has reinterpreted this traditional idea in a new, modern way for the ISH 2013. The new SG Square Geometry collection focuses specifically on hygiene, comfort and well-being. All of the pieces in this collection feature an elegant, streamlined design. SG Square Geometry also offers a number of surprising technical innovations for improved comfort and hygiene in the bathroom in line with TOTO’s design philosophy: “People shouldn’t see the technology in the bathroom of tomorrow. They need to experience it.”

Smart, brilliant and hygienic – the washbasin featuring CeFiONtect glaze
The SG washbasin has an inviting, smart and lightweight design, and is available in two sizes. One takes up the entire surface of the counter cabinet, while the other is narrower to provide ample space for accessories. It combines with the subcabinet and faucet to create a harmonious ensemble with a streamlined design that is simply elegant. The ultra-smooth CeFiONtect glaze makes this ceramic surface so brilliant and durable. It prevents mould,
limescale and waste from accumulating. Unlike conventional ceramic coatings, CeFiONtect can be cleaned with microfiber cloth.

Minimalistic, elegant and spacious, plus fine technical details – the furniture
The simple, high-gloss furniture in the SG collection is engineered down to the smallest detail in terms of design, functionality and technology. The elegant coordinating cabinets and subcabinets are available in freestanding and wallhung versions. Light and airy, they seem to float above their sleek metal runners. The smooth, handle-free front further enhances this impression. The spacious drawers feature a push-to-open and soft-close mechanism that responds to a slight touch of the finger. Practical power outlets are also
hidden inside the drawers.

The SG collection is based on a design concept focused on creating continuous surfaces and a seamless look. The furniture underscores the lines of the washbasins for a consistent and well-coordinated overall impression.

In order to create a personalised atmosphere in the bathroom with the SG collection, TOTO offers a variety of different top covers for the subcabinet and side cabinet. The high-quality teak veneer creates a warm, cosy atmosphere, while the white cover plates and drawers give the room a cool, minimalistic look.

Hygiene highlights – SG Toilet and SG WASHLET

New: ewater+ function
TOTO is a WASHLET specialist with over 30 years of experience. As such, the company has created a matching toilet for this collection as well as a WASHLET. The angular contours of the furniture and washbasins are reflected in these pieces as well. The stainless steel details are also used here as modern, timeless accents. Like all TOTO toilets, the SG toilet comes equipped with the standard CeFiONtect glaze, Tornado Flush and rimless design.
The SG WASHLET is a true innovation. In addition to the features found in all other WASHLETs, including warm water spray for intimate cleansing, heated seat, dryer, and odour-absorbing deodoriser, the SG has a new ewater+ function. The WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with water prior to use, making it more difficult for waste and dirt to accumulate. After the toilet has been used, the WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl once again with electrolysed water. This antibacterial ewater+ actively prevents the build-up of
limescale and waste, keeping the toilet bowl far cleaner over time.


The shower – a design highlight
The SG Shower Tower consists of an overhead shower and a hand-held unit designed in the minimalistic, angular design characteristic of this collection. All design elements of the series are reflected here. The simple and streamlined form of the SG Shower Tower makes it the ideal complement to the ceramics and furniture – a minimalistic shower solution for design enthusiasts.