From minimalistic to elegant

TOTO is a great match for different types of hotels

View of a luxurious hotel suite with two washbasins

View of a base room with countertop basin

Top view of a sunken sink with a single lever tap

Hotel room with double bed and hammock

Wall-hung WASHLET™ in a hotel bathroom

Shower with a large overhead shower

Yellow illuminated bathtub

Red lit bathtub in a hotel room

Orange illuminated bathtub

Hotel room overlooking a double bed

Vienna’s Hotel Daniel - TOTO is the perfect fit

Hotel Daniel in Vienna opened in November 2011 following extensive renovations to the historic heritage-protected building from the early 1960s. “Smart Luxury” is the slogan of both the hotel as well as TOTO, Japan’s leading manufacturer of bathroom ceramic products, whose elegant NC Series washbasin vessels fit perfectly into the hotel’s overall design.


In the early 1960s, renowned Austrian architect Georg Lippert and Swiss architect Roland Rohn designed the first building in Vienna with a curtain wall façade, which was revolutionary at the time. The project was initiated by pharmaceutical corporation Hoffmann-La Roche. The company wanted a modern building for their production, warehouse, administration, office, library and cafeteria near “Prince Eugene’s” Upper Belvedere Palace. The elegant steel framed building was built between 1960 and 1962.

A historic façade
Experts aren’t the only people who appreciate the building’s architecture today. Graz-based hotel developer Florian Weitzer also saw the opportunity and potential of this structure. The construction materials, location and unique architecture all seemed ideal for repurposing this building as an exclusive hotel. After around three years of negotiations with various parties and authorities, including the National Heritage Agency (BDA), Weitzer finally got the go-ahead for his ambitious project and could start the renovation process.

Some parts of the building, including the original façade and staircase, received protected landmark status during the course of the renovations. As a result, they could not be altered – but this fit perfectly into the plans of builder and chief architect Christian Heiss.

Coordinated down to the finest detail
The versatility in floor plans made this steel framed building ideal for use as a hotel. The concept of “Smart Luxury” developed by Weitzer encompasses everything – the building, floor plans and interior design. Nothing is chosen on a whim. At the same time, the hotel does not seem overdesigned in any sense of the word. Instead, it has a relaxed, trendy and modern feel.
The renovation of the protected building took about nine months, and managed to maintain the innovative spirit and aesthetic sophistication of the building. The result is a harmonious, design-oriented building with a rich history and development that guests can still feel in its new interior.

Smart Luxury
Hotelier Florian Weitzer believes in his “Smart Luxury” concept, which focuses on keeping everything simple, minimalistic and functional. This made the process of selecting the few pieces of furniture to design the hotel rooms all the more important. The design-conscious builder and architect team of Weitzer and Heiss were very concerned about the quality and minimalistic design of the bathrooms, a very important part of each hotel room.
They quickly decided on Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO, known for products that perfectly merge innovative technology and design. The clear, streamlined design of the white TOTO NC vessel washbasin was exactly what the builder and architect were looking for. Like the entire building, the washbasin embodies an aesthetic purity that does not need flashy features or decorations to attract people’s attention.

TOTO’s NC Series embraces the emotional relaxation at the heart of Japanese bathing culture. The unique symbiosis of functionality and design aims to achieve a refined level of luxury and comfort at every level. The impressive NC Series washbasins have an elegant design and tasteful curves that celebrate the surface tension of the water, symbolising the harmonious interplay of power and beauty. The Japanese manufacturer is renowned for high-quality ceramic products with a strong, natural and authentic aesthetic.

Naturally, hygiene also plays an important role. The special CeFiONtect glaze developed by TOTO is both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly functional. Based on nanotechnology, the surface is extremely smooth and sleek, making it practically impossible for dirt and bacteria to accumulate.
By working with TOTO, the planner and builder of Vienna’s Hotel Daniel found a manufacturer with products that perfectly reflected their own ideas on design and functionality – the perfect fit for the concept and philosophy of their hotel.

Elegant suite features innovative TOTO bathroom technologies

The May Fair Hotel, located in the exclusive London quarter of the same name, recently opened its elegant new Ebony Suite to offer VIP guests the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The May Fair spared no expense or effort to create an extraordinary and unforgettable space for its guests – including a spacious private terrace, large bedroom and relaxation area, and innovative Japanese bathroom technologies from TOTO.

Dark, elegant wood dominates the interior design in contrast with light ivory tones and sleek metal. Everything is perfectly coordinated down to the finest detail. Guests can relax and pass the time in the roomy lounge area. They will also enjoy a large flat screen television, dining table for four people, small kitchen and separate guest bathroom. The spacious and stylish living space opens up to a 34 m2 furnished rooftop terrace with a unique view of surrounding Mayfair. This luxury suite offers literally everything a guest could want.


The highlight: an intelligent shower toilet
Guests can enjoy an absolute highlight in the bathroom – TOTO’s innovative, design-oriented bathroom technology transforms the suite into an unforgettable experience.

What has been considered a courtesy in Japan for many years is still uncharted territory in Europe: The intelligent TOTO NEOREST LE WASHLET shower toilet, with its sophisticated technology and elegant, streamlined design, amazes even the most prominent of VIP guests.

NEOREST is TOTO’s most innovative WASHLET. The shower toilet has an extraordinary range of functions: A toilet lid that raises and lowers automatically, heated seat, individually adjustable water spray for intimate cleansing, dryer function and filter system to absorb any unpleasant odours.

True to the toilet’s minimalistic design, the remote control is a slender, easy-to-use aluminium bar featuring a few multifunctional buttons and no display.

The combination of the effective Tornado Flush, extra smooth nanotechnology-based glaze and rimless design prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating and ensure the highest standards of hygiene.


A sensual bathing experience
Guests at May Fair’s Ebony Suite can choose from a spacious shower and a TOTO bathtub positioned on a pedestal in the middle of the bedroom. The Japanese-inspired room features translucent panels surrounding the illuminated bathtub, inviting guests to luxuriate in a sensual and serene bathing experience. Without question, this is more than just a bathtub – it is a design object, a piece of furniture and an oasis of wellness and relaxation at the same time.


The extraordinary bathtub captivates guests with its soft glow, and its irresistible look and smooth texture make it a pleasure to touch. TOTO developed this translucent epoxy resin-based material, LUMINIST, as an alternative to ceramic. It brings an entirely new level of sensuality to the bathroom when combined with LED technology. The designers of this luxury suite chose red and yellow lighting for the bathtub to create a relaxing atmosphere – but the LEDs are available in unlimited colours for practically endless design options.


The innovative material offers a number of advantages. In terms of functional considerations, it is extremely durable and heat resistant. It also appeals to the senses in many ways. The gentle LED lighting integrated in the bathtub enhances its streamlined design, and the especially smooth texture pampers the guest with every touch.


LUIMINIST is also used in the NEOREST/LE Series washbasin. This new illuminated material creates a unique atmosphere of calm and relaxation in the bathroom.

A shower like a bath
The showers in the Ebony Suite are equipped with a truly magical feature – GYROSTREAM. TOTO’s unique technology brings the pleasure of the bath to the shower. The entire body feels as if it is enveloped in comforting warm water. A GYROSTREAM shower features rotating jets that spray water in regularly pulsating intervals. This constant motion keeps the water flowing around the body to keep it as warm as in the bathtub, even at cool room temperatures. The powerful whirlpool effect stimulates circulation and refreshes from head to toe, like a massage.

The May Fair decided to incorporate this innovative TOTO bathroom technology to make the Ebony Suite what it is today – a stylish place to relax with a very special type of luxury that even VIP guests don’t experience every day.