WASHLETS in the "GeKU" building

TOTO WASHLETS in the new multi-generation building

Outdoor view of Geku multi-generation house

WASHLET™ in toilet cubicle with colorful tiled floor

A furnished room with a view of an open bathroom with WASHLET™

WASHLET™ in toilet cabin with integrated shower

Silver tube slide on the roof of a building

An extraordinary building for multi-generational living and professional space was recently constructed in Essen. The bathrooms designed for this structure are just as remarkable: High-tech WASHLETS from TOTO allow people of all ages to benefit from the utmost hygiene and comfort. What is so special about the Washlet? It guarantees the most effective intimate cleansing and highest hygienic standards possible. At the same time, many elderly people with limited mobility will not require assistance to use this toilet.


Reinhard Wiesemann is more than just a visionary – the busy entrepreneur also makes things happen. Several years ago, he brought new artistic life and energy to the “Unperfekthaus”. At the end of January 2012, the residents of Essen celebrated the culmination of his new project: the GenerationenKult-Haus, or “GeKu-Haus” for short. The former office and professional building was completely remodelled, new windows installed and an extra storey added. Reinhard Wiesemann’s dream is for students, non-students and seniors alike to rent the 21 senior-friendly apartments, each including their own bath and toilet – and for a variety of different people to occupy the large 14-room communal living space with shared kitchen and baths. Most of the bathrooms in the building are accessible to people with disabilities.

Manageable cleaning duties – without sacrificing hygiene
Wiesemann’s credo: When many people live together, they need to follow the rules. These are also unavoidable when it comes to maintaining a high standard of hygiene. In order to keep the cleaning responsibilities manageable without sacrificing hygiene, the bathrooms in the multi-generation building were equipped with "shower" toilets, also known as Washlets, from Japanese manufacturer TOTO. These innovative Washlets have a number of technical features that ensure the utmost hygiene while making visits to the bathroom or toilet extremely comfortable.


Easy-to-use starter model with a warm water jet: The "Washlet European K" offers a number of attractive features
The Washlet European K (EK), the starter model from the line of TOTO shower toilets, was installed throughout the building. The EK model is a Washlet designed to be compatible with every TOTO ceramic toilet. All Washlet functions are integrated into the toilet seat. These include a warm water wand jet system for refreshing and thorough intimate cleansing. The water pressure and temperature are adjustable, and the wand cleans itself after every toilet use. The heated seat has an energy saving mode, and an easy-to-use control panel is integrated directly into the toilet.


Three components for the ultimate hygiene
The special Tornado Flush system ensures even greater hygiene and cleanliness. Three jets create an especially powerful and effective, yet quiet flush for the entire bowl. The rimless design eliminates difficult-to-clean areas, and the CeFiONtect glaze gives bacteria, germs and dirt no chance to accumulate. The toilets are also certified in line with the German Hygiene Certificate. Tests show that the combination of the flush, rimless bowl and special glaze considerably reduce the germ load – a very important aspect when it comes to shared toilets.


Maintaining independence as long as possible
The toilet revolution from Japan not only guarantees outstanding standards of hygiene in Essen's GeKu-Haus. In fact, Reinhard Wiesemann also invested in a technology that offers the highest level of comfort. What may seem like a comfort and luxury to young people becomes an indispensable resource to older people with limited mobility, allowing them to maintain their privacy as long as possible.


Facts and figures
The building in the heart of Essen is designed to be a new home for a wide range of different generations. The project does extend beyond the idea multi-generational living, however. The fifth level, for example, is devoted to co-working. Freelancers can rent a desk in the large workroom, or explore synergies on the working rooftop deck – and access is not just limited to young professionals. The ground floor is home to a variety of shops offering everything for companies, founders and artists alike. The entire community also benefits from a large wellness area, featuring a sauna, billiards , table tennis, lounge area, and spacious terrace with a stunning view of Essen.