A new addition to the WASHLET product line - TOTO introduces a starter model

Wall-hung WASHLET™ NC with toilet paper holder and toilet brush

Wall-mounted WASHLET™ EK

Detailansicht des WASHLET™ EK

Detailed view of the WASHLET™ EK

Wall-mounted WASHLET™

Wall-mounted WASHLET™

Wall-mounted WASHLET™


TOTO has expanded its WASHLET product range with the new European K (EK) model. The EK, which was premiered at the ISH 2011, is the starter model among the warm water cleansing toilets. As such, it is marketed as an affordable alternative to the other available versions. The model fits on every ceramic TOTO toilet and has all of the features of the proven TOTO WASHLET technology: The central function is a wand jet system which uses warm water to thoroughly cleanse the intimate body parts. The WASHLET takes hygiene and comfort to a whole new level: The temperature, position and strength of the water spray can be individually adjusted. The wand cleans itself automatically after every use. The EK starter model also has a heated seat with an energy-saving mode, which switches the seat off for six or nine hour-intervals. The installed control panel makes the technology easy to use.


With the EK model, the Japanese manufacturer now has five different WASHLETS in its European product line, including the WASHLET GL, which also fits on every ceramic TOTO toilet. Unlike the EK, the GL also features a remote control and a deodoriser.


In the Giovannoni model, the WASHLET and toilet are integrated into a single unit with an elegant, modern and streamlined design. It is the result of an intercultural collaboration between TOTO and top Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni.


The luxury WASHLETS are integrated into the ceramic toilets in the Neorest LE and SE series. They provide the utmost in comfort and hygiene. A sensor registers the user's movements, opens and closes the lid on its own, and flushes the toilet automatically. These models have a memory function that stores and measures the users’ habits over two weeks. The WASHLET automatically switches to standby mode based on this information. All of these convenient features are integrated into the products without additional visual elements.


TOTO invented the WASHLET over 30 years ago. The Japanese bathroom manufacturer has already sold more than 30 million of them around the world.