WASHLETs become even more appealing

The new TOTO WASHLETs offer the utmost in hygiene and comfort – a new microsite provides details about the toilets with the integrated bidet feature.

TOTO has sold over 40 million WASHLETs world-wide since 1980. This stunning success is thanks to the product’s forward-looking technology, outstanding comfort and unparalleled hygiene. At this year’s SHK and IFH 2016, the Japanese company presents the latest innovations and enhancements in its WASHLETs – further reinforcing its technology leadership in the industry.


TOTO is showing the new CF WASHLET at bautec. This product includes all of the comfort and hygiene features available in other WASHLETs, but is compatible with all TOTO toilets – and many manufacturer models as well. It’s an easy way to upgrade existing toilets to a WASHLET. A list of compatible toilets is available on the TOTO website. It is also possible to request a template to check whether or not the WASHLET CF will fit on the toilet.

PreMist – less cleaning effort required, improved hygiene

One new feature on the WASHLET is PreMist: The WASHLET sprays the entire inside of the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water before use, which makes it more difficult for dirt to accumulate, and considerably reduces the amount of effort required in cleaning. PreMist is a standard feature available on all TOTO WASHLETs.

Thorough cleaning with antibacterial water

The ewater+ feature uses electrolysed water to take hygiene one step further: It has an antibacterial effect which thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl as well as the wand jet after each use.

Microsite provides detailed information about WASHLETs

TOTO designed the next generation of bidet toilets to include PreMist as well as a warm air dryer, and also introduced innovations in its materials: The toilet seats and wand jets are now made of a silicone-based material that is dirt-resistant and especially easy to clean. The many comfort and hygiene features available on the WASHLETs are presented on a separate microsite – with animation, videos, photos and graphics.


WASHLETs will become the standard in the next decade

TOTO is reinforcing its status as the technology leader in the bathroom product industry with all of its WASHLET innovations and enhancements. Since 1980, TOTO has sold over 40 million WASHLETs world-wide. A study commissioned by the Japanese government showed that 77.5 per cent of all households in Japan have a bidet toilet. These high-tech toilets are also frequently installed in public facilities throughout the country.


WASHLETs have grown in popularity since TOTO entered the European market in 2009. Increasing numbers of luxury and wellness-focused hotels feature WASHLETs in their rooms and suites. As TOTO Europe’s Sales Director Hubertus Brüggemann predicts, “WASHLETs will become standard in European households as well in the next 10 years.”



1. The CF WASHLET is new to TOTO’s product line. This attachment fits on TOTO’s CF toilet as well as many models from other manufacturers. 2. The NEOREST EW WASHLET is one of the most comfortable in TOTO’s collection. 3. The GL 2.0 WASHLET, shown here on an NC series toilet, now includes an integrated warm air dryer. 4. Nearly all TOTO WASHLETs include the PreMist feature. 5. The NEOREST EW, NEOREST AC and SG WASHLETs come equipped with ewater+. This sprays the inside of the toilet bowl with electrolysed water, which has antibacterial properties. 6. All WASHLET wand jets are made of a silicone-based synthetic material that is dirt resistant and especially easy to clean.