Jack Barclay Bentley, Mayfair

The world’s oldest Bentley car dealership and Mayfair icon, Jack Barclay Bentley, has undergone an extensive modernisation to create a space that combines the best of the company’s heritage alongside its latest design and renewed corporate identity. The overhaul has seen the showroom benefit from a whole host of new features, including a large hero light positioned above the star car, a central bar, a new spec room for bespoke Bentley customisation and an updated car lift. The new lift has remained in the space of the original but updated to be capable of transporting modern cars – a major feat of engineering. In the basement, the iconic chequered floor remains, as does the original and untouched wood-panelled boardroom and art-deco signage. By bringing the showroom up to date, Jack Barclay Bentley has stayed true to the roots planted by Jack Barclay when he first opened for business in 1927.


Bentley Brand Director, John Stone, said: “This was a significant investment for H.R. Owen, not only financial but also to take the decision to partially close the oldest established, and most famous, Bentley dealership in the world. It was an investment that paid off as we have created the ultimate Bentley experience and have done the Jack Barclay legacy proud.”


TOTO, working closely with the team at Jack Barclay Bentley, who specified its top of the range products for the customer and office washrooms. TOTO supplied five NEOREST EW (ewater+) WASHLETs over two showroom floors. Offering customers unparalleled levels of luxury and hygiene with its state-of-the-art clean technology. TOTO’s famous Japanese shower toilets are globally renowned for both their design and innovation. The elegant NEOREST EW WASHLETs perfectly complement the newly refurbished Jack Barclay Bentley showroom.


Before and after each use, the NEOREST EW WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water. This natural antibacterial water prevents waste from accumulating whilst actively fighting bacteria. The NEOREST also has a number of other exceptional features, such as a sensor-based lid that opens to greet you and closes automatically, automated flush, heated seat, a deodoriser and dryer!


Details: Luxury Car Dealership
Category: Retail
Owner: HR Owen
Renovated: 2018
Rooms: 5 Washrooms
Item numbers: TCF994WG#NW1, CW994P#NW1
Web: https://www.hrowen.co.uk/bentley/locations/1546/jack-barclay-bentley-sales/