Marukame Restaurant, Moscow

Marukame was the first restaurant in Moscow to offer guests real Japanese udon noodles. The three existing restaurants have an open kitchen where the fresh udon noodles are made. Although the dough is prepared out of sight, the cutting and cooking of the noodles are carried out in full view of the guests using Japanese equipment.


The restaurant promotes its offer as ‘Healthy Fast Food’. All the dishes are prepared from natural ingredients imported from Japan, without using any processed products yet prices are kept at a fast food level.


The restaurant design is by Japanese designers, creating a unique atmosphere with a modern Japanese aesthetic.


Each restaurant caters for up to 800 guest per day. Two additional 320 seat restaurants will open at the end of October and at the end of 2013, the owners are introducing a second brand developed specifically for the Russian market.


‘We chose TOTO products to give a genuine taste of modern Japan in Moscow. For most Russians, Japan is associated with advanced technologies. TOTO products are the epitome of hi-tech sophistication,’ says Irakli  Janashvili, the restaurant’s development director.

Category: Restaurant
Owner: Toridoll Ltd 
Date of opening: 2013
Seat capacity: 3 restaurants with 240 seats
Products: Neorest A seat – TCF9683AJ and Neorest A WC -CS966PTA