Sosharu restaurant, London

Lettering on the outside facade of Sosharu Restaurant in London

Sosharu Restaurant in London

Bar area at Sosharu Restaurant in London

Bathroom at Sosharu Restaurant in London

Sosharu is a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant situated on Turnmill Street in the Clerkenwell area of London. A second inner restaurant, Kisetsu, offers diners a carefully crafted tasting menu of Japanese specialties using seasonal ingredients. A 40-cover cocktail bar, 7 Tales, is located in the basement of the restaurant.


Sosharu is a collaboration between Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton and Executive Head Chef Alex Craciun, whose experience in Japanese cuisine includes a year studying at the Kyoto Culinary School, as well as working at restaurant Kikunoi under Chef Yoshihiro Murata in Kyoto then RyuGin under Seiji Yamamoto in Tokyo.


Designed by Shanghai-based Neri & Hu, the interiors of the 75 seat restaurant play with notions of Japanese domesticity; the timber structures inside mimicking traditional minka architecture and evoking the intimacy of a Japanese home. The design of the basement bar, 7 Tales, is inspired by the urban, night-time atmosphere of Tokyo, reflecting Japanese subcultures with bespoke wallpaper depicting golden age movements in the early sixties and neon signage.


To complete and enhance the authentic Japanese experience, Sosharu has installed automated TOTO SG WCs and WASHLETs that wash and dry you, in all of their 8 washrooms.


Category: Restaurant
Date of opening: Spring 2016
Owner: The Social Company
Seat capacity: 75 seat restaurant, plus 40 cover cocktail bar
Products: SG WCs and WASHLETs; NC faucets
Product code: CW512YR and TCF403EGV1; VLB31