Mawell Resort, Langenburg

Wellness meets sustainability at the Mawell Resort in Langenburg. The TOTO toilets and WASHLETs installed here continue this principle.

Mawell Resort in Langenburg achieves a serene, relaxing atmosphere through natural construction materials and the ubiquitous panoramic view of the beautiful cultivated land­scape. This is one way in which the hotel merges the ideas of sustainability and wellness.


Operator Wolfgang Maier, a local supplier of prefabrication systems, focused specifically on the beneficial, comforting ambiance of natural materials from the surrounding region in the planning and design of this resort. Oak, spruce and birch, as well as shell limestone and Swiss jura stone set the tone for the entire complex.


The eight exclusive rooms feature GL WASHLETs. The toilet with bidet function allows guests to enjoy comfortable cleansing with warm water. It is possible to adjust the water pressure, type and position of spray, and the water temperature. The toilet seat is heated, and a filter system prevents unpleasant odours.

Category: Wellness
Hotel Owner: Mawell Resort GmbH
Year built: 2013
Rooms and suites: 57
Products: WASHLET GL Product code TCF891G, NC WC wall hung
Product code: CW762Y and NC soft closing seat Product code VC100R