L’Agapé Restaurant, Paris

Exclusive, contemporary gourmet restaurant in the heart of Paris

Following its opening in March 2008, L’Agapé quickly received accolades from the press and critics along with one star in the Michelin Guide. The dining room has a reserved, tasteful atmosphere and table decorations on par with the most famous restaurants. The overall impression is contemporary, discreet and comfortable. Young chef Yohann Lemonnier uses only the best seasonal products to create exclusive French delicacies.


Restaurant owner Laurent Lapaire came up with the idea to have a WASHLET NEOREST LE installed in the restaurant's sophisticated bathrooms. He wanted his guests to enjoy the highest standards of hygiene that TOTO products can offer. In addition to the Washlet, he selected the Luna washbasin from the LUMINIST line and the NC/R mirror to give the room a special ambiance.

Since the TOTO NEOREST LE was installed about a year ago, guests have been raving to the owners and staff about the restrooms as never before. According to the restaurant manager, they are intrigued by this innovative device. He has noticed that guests spend more time in the restrooms because they want to try out all of the NEOREST functions. A visit to the restroom has become a “must” following dinner. Once one guest uses the toilet, the others have to follow – causing a kind of “traffic jam” and difficulty in ensuring smooth table service!


Opened: March 2008
Architect: The owners
Owners: Laurent Lapaire and Olivier Le Franc
Number of diners: 40
Products: NEOREST LE, WC with integrated WASHLET; Luminist/ Luna washbasin, NC/R mirror
Product numbers: CW997DF, MRZ700BCB1, MI10018B-WI
Web: www.agape-paris.fr