Restaurant Fish House, Saint Petersburg

Fish House in Grivtsova, a side street located within walking distance from the famous St. Isaacs Square, is within close proximity of three major city arteries: Nevsky, Moskovsky and Voznesensky Avenues.


The contemporary, stylish and intimate interior has a Mediterranean flair that highlights the gastronomic focus of the restaurant. 


Its team of professional chefs specialise in fish and seafood, offering fish that is expertly grilled, fried, baked, steamed or smoked to eat in or take away.


To guarantee the freshness of its produce, the restaurant has two 400 litre (100 gallon) fish tanks: one with sea water, the other with fresh water. There is also a refrigerated display case in the restaurant.


The wine list offers affordable wines from all over the world, as well as exclusive wines from the Top 100 list of Wine Spectator magazine.


“Fresh and quality ingredients, a careful selection of suppliers and an adherence to the highest cooking standards are the core principles for all of our restaurants. There can be no compromise in this respect” – Leonid Garbar, owner.


It is just consequent not to make a compromise in the equipment of the guest toilet and to decide for a TOTO WASHLET.

Category: Restaurant
Date of openning: November 1, 1999
Owner: Group of companies "Vse Svoi"
Seating capacity: 120 people
Products: Washlet GL articlenumber TCF891G