Dahlem Paradise, Berlin

Exclusive living in Berlin

Exclusive apartments at Dahlem Paradise in Berlin

Modern residential building at Dahlem Paradise in Berlin

Outdoor view of a modern residential building

The TOTO NC bidet against a white background

Rimless WC NC with closed lid against a white background

The architecture of Dahlem Paradise allows for spacious living and outstanding comfort. The modern buildings combine harmoniously into one cohesive ensemble. Instinctively proportioned semi-detached houses, terraced houses, flats and penthouses all co-exist in this space. The architecture is defined for the people who live there – it is both modern and highly functional without feeling cold. The buildings include references to villas found in other countries without seeming too playful or nostalgic.


TOTO’s exclusive toilets and washbasins are the perfect complement to this architectural style. The products are developed to unite streamlined design with the highest standards of hygiene. They are the perfect choice for exclusive high-end homes.

Luxury freehold flats
Year built: 2013
Architect: FEA – Fissler Ernst Architekten
Builder: conwert Immobilien Invest SE
Space: 56 residential units, approx. 11,000 m² of living space
Products: NC toilets, washbasins, bidets and bathtubs
Item numbers: CW672Y, VC100R, LW766Y, BW762Y, PAY1740PWEE
Web: www.dahlem-paradise.de