Aston Martin Brand Experience Centre, London

View into a shop window in which a white sports car is presented

Lounge area with a white sports car on the presentation surface

WASHLET™ with washbasin and wooden shelf

NEOREST WASHLET™ AC at Aston Martin experience boutique

Located in one of the capital's most sought-after streets Aston Martin at No. 8 Dover Street is an intersection of the company's products, experiences and brand collaborations. No. 8 Dover Street has also become a destination for design master classes, art exhibitions and other exclusive events.


The new boutique - where the exterior sign reads 'Aston Martin Est 1913' in celebration of the company's rich heritage - is the ultimate Aston Martin destination where admirers of the brand and people who enjoy elegance and exclusivity can discover new trends in art and design and be inspired by the products on display.


The warm and inviting environment features modern design and the very best artisan craftsmanship such as a bespoke mosaic floor, handcrafted from 500 separate pieces of European oak. The unique floor follows a Nautilus shell design, a pattern that is mirrored on the ceiling with a "Starry Night' light installation which highlights the sleek, elegant lines of the Aston Martin sports car on display. The lights give No. 8 Dover Street a multidimensional character, which can be adapted to suit the changes in art or products on display and the wide range of events the space hosts.


Aston Martin's EVP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman and his team designed the interior space. He said: "Dover Street mixes art, culture, shopping, luxury and elegance. It's the perfect place for Aston Martin. We are surrounded by art, design and beauty and want to feature the ideas that inspire us and share them with a wider audience. No. 8 Dover Street is a place where existing customers, admirers of the brand and people new to the marque can understand our design philosophies and experience the spirit of Aston Martin."


Offering customers an insight into the very best in bathroom technology, Aston Martin installed the world's most sophisticated toilets. TOTO's Neorest AC WASHLET™ is a true feat in design engineering, with its full range of auto functions including ACTILIGHT self-cleaning ceramic, EWATER+ anti-bacterial self-clean, remote operated warm water and drying. The WASHLET™ is simply the ultimate in hygiene technology offering the highest levels of personal comfort and user experience.

Owner: Aston Martin 
Opened: 1st September 2016 
Designer: Aston Martin Design 
Rooms: Meeting room, customer/staff cloakrooms 
Products: Neorest AC, NC Washbasin 
Item numbers: TCF996WG#NW1 TCF996WGE#NW1 TCF996WSW#NW1 CW996P#NW1 LW766Y