Generationen Kult Haus (“GeKu Haus”), Essen

A new multi-generational concept for living and working

Generational Kult Haus (Geku) in Essen

An extraordinary residential and commercial building designed for several different generations has been built in Essen. The goal of this project is to have people of different generations living and working together.

The building houses a co-working area, 21 one-room apartments designed for senior citizens, and a large communal living space with 14 rooms, shared kitchen and shared bathrooms.

All sanitary areas within the “GeKu” building are equipped with the WASHLET EK and NC toilets. These toilets were chosen for their superior hygiene and to allow the older generation to maintain their privacy as long as possible - even people with limited mobility can use the WASHLET without assistance. Communal bathrooms equipped with TOTO toilets stay cleaner for longer due to the effective flush, special glaze and rimless blow design. 

  Multi-generation building
Operated by: Gerhard Wiesemann
Renovation: 2011
Product: NC, wallhung WC with WASHLET EK
Product Number:
CW762Y, TCF6402G