German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg

Cancer research facility

Outside view of German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg

The 3,000 employees at the German Cancer Research Center work in over 90 departments and junior research groups to explore the causes of cancer and factors that increase its development. The researchers also develop new approaches for prevention, diagnosis and therapy.


This large research facility decided to gradually replace all 200 existing toilets with TOTO rimless toilets. Feedback from the cleaning staff has been overwhelmingly positive – they can clean TOTO’s rimless toilets much more quickly and efficiently than conventional toilets. The very effective flush has reduced complaints about clogged toilets along with maintenance costs.

  Office building
Operator: German Cancer Research Center, public foundation
Year built: 1964
Renovated: 2012, ongoing
Product: NC wall-hung toilet with soft-closing seat CW762Y and VC100, Hand dry TYC405G