The Metropolitan Gardens®, Berlin Dahlem

Listed residential and business suites

Outdoor view of Metropolitan Gardens in Berlin Dahlem

Outdoor view of Metropolitan Gardens in Berlin Dahlem

Courtyard at Metropolitan Gardens in Berlin Dahlem

Rimless NC toilet against white background

Rectangular washbasin against white background

Round NC washbasin against white background

The former headquarters of the US military in Berlin-Dahlem has been transformed into an extraordinary residential park in an outstanding location. Nuremberg-based terraplan collaborated with Prinz von Preußen Grundbesitz AG to build approx. 200 freehold flats of various sizes in the listed buildings. Over 65 years ago, the Americans organised the Berlin Airlift here. Today, the space is home to suites, penthouses, maisonette flats, townhouses and office suites in a garden surrounded by linden trees. The construction took place in close cooperation with the local monument protection authorities.

It was very important to the planners to ensure a high-quality construction. They chose TOTO toilets and washbasins for their smart technology and surfaces.

Category: Luxury freehold flats
Year built: 2013
Architects: Uwe Licht, interior architect Klaus Meier-Hartmann, Dipl.-Ing. architect
Builder: terraplan
Space: 200 residential units, approx. 56,000 m² of living space
Products: NC toilets and washbasins
Item numbers: CW672Y, VC100R, LW10020G, LW766Y