Paradiso Pure.Living Vegetarian Hotel, Dolomites

Paradiso Pure.Living is a sanctuary and an oasis of well-being, located in the heart of the Seiser Alm, one of Europe’s largest Alpine plateaus. Surrounded by imposing mountain massifs, the first vegetarian hotel in the Dolomites indulges its guests with more than this fantastic view. The hotel philosophy celebrates a connection to nature, conscious living and sustainability in a very special place. Designed with exclusive furnishings and natural materials, this veritable paradise on earth also offers the best possible hygiene to help their guests feel even more comfortable.


The designers focused especially on the bathroom design, using understated colours to create pure, clean and harmonious spaces. The baths feature exclusive shower toilets (WASHLET™) from Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO, known for products that exemplify the ideal balance of aesthetics, functionality and hygiene. The rimless toilet bowl and extremely efficient TORNADO FLUSH technology prevent aerosol particles from forming in the bathroom. These tiny droplets float through the air, spreading viruses and germs. Hygiene Professor Klaus-Dieter Zastrow recently confirmed these findings in a study he conducted on TOTO toilets: “Rimless toilets with Tornado Flush play a major role in preventing infections in bathrooms.” Guests at Paradiso Pure.Living will see for themselves: It is possible to design bathrooms that are very hygienic while still conveying a feeling of luxury and well-being.



Category: The first vegetarian hotel in the Dolomites
Opened: 2019
Interior designer: Joern Siebke
Rooms: 41
Products: WASHLET™ RX and WC RP, wall-hung only for WASHLET™
Item number: TCF794CG and CW542EY