Hôtel Vernet, Paris

Over 100 years old, yet completely new

Suite with living area and WASHLET™ at Hotel Vernet in Paris

WASHLET™ with remote control at Hotel Vernet in Paris

Lounge area at Hotel Vernet in Paris

Outside view of Hotel Vernet in Paris

Since its reopening, Hôtel Vernet has continued the great tradition of Parisian society in the 8th Arrondissement. Interior Designer François Champsaur created a hommage to French elegance and savoir-vivre in this beautiful building, an example of the city's legendary Haussmann architecture.


The new style of Hôtel Vernet isn't visible from the street, but first visible during a tour of the facility. The luxurious interior design features beautiful furnishings combined with the finest materials and exquisite French craftsmanship.


Champsaur paired his passion for modern art with his expertise in creating impressive interiors at "Hôtel Vernet", creating something completely new out of the over 100 year-old hotel.


The rooms at Hôtel Vernet are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort combined with reserved luxury, creating a feeling of warmth and well-being. The business group turned to TOTO with these considerations in mind, and chose to have EK WASHLETs installed in all suites.


Category: Boutique-luxury hotel *****
Opened: March 2014
Interior designer: François Champsaur
Renovated: between November 2013 and June 2014
Rooms: 41 rooms and 9 suites
Owner: B Signature - Chairwoman Madame Anne Jousse
Area: 3000m²
Products: WASHLET EK
Web: www.hotelvernet-paris.fr