Clean Technology is the phrase that best sums up what TOTO is about. It is a principle that has guided the company since its founding, and is a completely new concept for the European bathroom. This is how we define it in five simple points:


The future of the bathroom

Just as technology has revolutionised every aspect of contemporary life, TOTO’s innovations are changing the way people think about and use bathrooms. TOTO embraces technology in the pursuit of cleanliness, the same way it is embraced in the workplace for efficiency, or in social environments for communication and leisure.


The key to a better lifestyle

TOTO’s products allow for previously unimaginable levels of cleanliness, relaxation and contentment. Cleaning with warm water is not only hygienic, it is enjoyable and comfortable for everyone from children to seniors. Clean Technology is all about making time spent in the bathroom more fulfilling.


A design philosophy

TOTO discreetly incorporates Clean Technology into its products with a sophisticated eye for design. This results in high aesthetic standards for both individual items that blend unobtrusively into their surroundings, and for perfectly coordinated suites. But the TOTO design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics: every product facilitates easy, comfortable usage for every potential user, from children to the elderly, providing Clean Technology for everyone.


Environmental benefits

For technology to be truly clean it must do more than enhance personal cleanliness – it must also lead to a cleaner, greener environment. Every time you use a TOTO bathroom, the planet benefits. In addition to our general mantra of saving energy and water wherever possible, other eco-friendly effects are achieved with our products – our custom ceramic surfaces require fewer chemicals for cleaning; one of our technologies breaks down pollutants in the air, similar to the way a tree breaks down carbon; and some of our fixtures are powered by water pressure alone. All of these features are sustainable.


A guiding principle

Since its founding in 1917, TOTO has worked towards an ideal of cleanliness and comfort with technology becoming ever more integral to achieving it. As TOTO launches in Europe, bringing the potential for an enhanced lifestyle, more beautiful bathrooms and a healthier planet, the philosophy of Clean Technology will remain the company’s guiding principle.