TOTO Ltd. not directly affected by the catastrophe in Japan

Official statement from TOTO Europe GmbH on the situation in Japan

A brief overview of the most important details:

  • TOTO employees were not injured by the earthquake and its effects
  • TOTO Ltd.’s headquarters and main production facilities are located in Kitakyushu, which is located in southern Japan, an air-line distance of over 1000km from Fukushima
  • Production continues at TOTO
  • All TOTO products for the European market are shipped from Moji harbour, located near Kitakyushu
  • European customs authorities are testing all products imported from Japan by air or sea after 11 March for radioactivity upon their arrival

TOTO Ltd.’s main plant is located in Fukuoka Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, an air-line distance of over 1000km southwest of Fukushima. Kitakyushu was neither affected by the earthquake nor the subsequent tsunami. None of TOTO's employees in Japan were injured.

TOTO ships all of its products for the European market from Moji harbour, which is located near the main production facilities in the southern part of the country. Other products are manufactured in Europe.

TOTO’s production in Japan has not been affected by the catastrophe. As a result, TOTO can meet all of its delivery dates for the European market.

European customs authorities are currently inspecting all freight arriving from Japan that left the country after 11 March 2011. For more information, please see: