Bathroom review announces 5 TOTO schower winner

and genertates 1,000 Facebook likes

When the bathroom industry’s online product and news service Bathroom Review launched its new Facebook site, it was keen to attract visitors quickly. TOTO was happy to help. They offered 5 of their very latest hand showers from their newly launched Shower System range and generated over 1,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ for the site within days.


The 5 winners will each receive a TOTO 120mm ø hand shower that incorporate remarkable technology that increases the volume of each individual drop of water and thereby decreases the amount of water consumed. TOTO calls this Aerial Shower. As a result, the hand shower uses very little water - between 6.2 l and 6.4 l of water per minute with 3 bars of pressure.


The hand shower also comes in a 150mm ø version, and both the 120mm and 150mm ø are available as a three-function model. In addition to the regular spray, the 3 function version features TOTO’s unique patented Cascade Flow and Gyrostream sprays. The Cascade Flow produces a broad stream of water reminiscent of a small waterfall, while Gyrostream is a massage function that has jets that evenly pulsate the water as it leaves the shower head to massage and invigorate the body. The 3 functions are accessible at the simple click of a button.


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