TOTO launches new modular home (MH) series at London Design Festival 2011

TOTO unveils a new cosmopolitan bathroom concept that offers a wealth of design options.

The much-loved Japanese luxury bathroom brand is set to showcase its new Modular Home (MH) Series during London Design Festival (17-25 September 2011) at its concept showroom located in Clerkenwell. TOTO’s showroom has undergone an extensive refurbishment for London Design Festival and will continue to present a wide range of designs including MH Series. “Series offers extensive design options that reflect a cosmopolitan lifestyle,” says TOTO’s Creative Director Masahiro Maruhashi.


The result of a collaboration between designers Masahiro Maruhashi from Japan and Michael Stein from Germany, the MH Series offers the perfect combination of German precision and Japanese technological expertise. Exceptional versatility and a sensual use of natural materials, water and light are what characterise this innovative range of bathroom solutions.


Tailored to individual needs, MH is the ideal solution for people who want to transform their bathrooms into custom-designed havens of well-being. Offering three flexible concepts, comprising furniture and storage elements, washbasins, bathtub, shower, faucets, accessories, toilet, bidet and two washlets, the collection offers exceptional convenience and technical innovations that can be felt but not seen – a key TOTO hallmark.


What sets the series apart is the understated design of the furniture and the soft, sweeping contours of the ceramics. A choice of finishes and materials enable users to customise their bathrooms – for a look that provides harmony, rich contrasts or timeless elegance. A feeling of natural purity is achieved by combining light oak and simple white; alternatively dark teak and white gives a stronger look, or for those looking for a more classic style, the elements are also available in all white.


Because no two bathrooms are alike,  MH offers customised solutions and enormous scope in terms of design options. The storage elements offer exceptional versatility in mounting and configuration to help design the perfect oasis of relaxation – with horizontal layouts for a more relaxed arrangement, using components with doors or fully open. Faucet and washbasin plumbing are neatly concealed behind slightly shortened drawers, allowing them to be connected behind the furniture. Thus the washbasin and furniture can be positioned wherever desired, without existing plumbing having to be moved – particularly convenient when renovating a bathroom.


From guest to en-suite bathrooms, large and small – the new Modular Home Series offers the perfect spa-like solution and allows homeowners to enter the world of TOTO at their own pace. Once experienced there is no going back!


Opening hours of concept showroom during London Design Festival 2011:
Monday 19th – Friday 23rd September: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday 20th September: 9am – 9pm